HTR double stage roots blower

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HDR double stage roots blower



1. Introduction:


HTRB series double stage three lobe roots air blower has been in the market for a long time, reliable and stable performance shows its high quality. It is widely used in electric power plant, sewage treatment system, chemical fertilizer plant, pneumatic conveying system, aquaculture aeration, cement plant, paper plant, food plant, etc. 


Roots Blowers in HTRB series has a wide range of capacity and pressure rise, ensuring it can service for most industrial application. It can be used for conveying clean air, natural gas, bio-gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, and other neutral gas.Explosive proof and corrosive proof is available. 



2.Technical Details:



Blower Type: double stage roots blower

Pressure: 9.8 to 196kPa

Flow Rate: 0.66 to 426m3/min

Motor Power: 11 to 1000kw

Cooling Type: water cooling 

Driving Type: direct coupling or v-belt transmission


Dimension: different according to models;              Skype: cherrywang123456


3.Main Application:    



*Sewage Treatment System

*Cement Plant

*Electric Power Plant

*Metallurgy Industry

*Chemical Plant/ Fertilizer Plant

*Paper Producing, Printing Plant/ Textile Mill

*Food Plant




Flow rate: 100.42m3/min, Pressure rise: 130kPa



4.Blower Drawing: 


double stage drawing.jpg


Generally, for roots blowers conveying clean air, we produce the whole set roots blowers, it is much convenient for installation and maintenance, including blower body, motor, common base, check valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, V-belts, bolts&nuts. 


But if you only want the blower body, we also could provide. There are enough goods in storage to satisfy your needs. 


two stage roots blower.jpg;              Skype: cherrywang123456

For ensuring high qulaity of each roots blowers, we introduced advance CNC machining centers from Japan and Germany. 



5.Package &Delivery:


For package, we take use of plywood crates with steel frame for packaging. If you have special needs, we also could satisfy you. 


 (Beside, for considerting about the environmental protection, you can reuse the package or place them in the right place.)




For delivery, common HDSR series three lobe air blower could be ready within 2 weeks. Pls confirm the accurate time with our service team. 




6.After-sale Service:


We provide one year's warranty since you received our blower products. If there's any question about quality, operation, and maintenance, you can contact us directly, we could provide a detailed plan for you within 24 hours. 


If you have need in installation and debugging guidance, we also could send our after-sale technician to your project for technical guidance. We are the roots blower manufacturer, we have rich experience in producing as well as operating and maintenance. 


Pls feel free to contact us! We are online for 24 hours, will give you a feedback within 20 minutes.


contact us 拷贝.jpg


Shandong Huadong Blower Co.,Ltd



Tel: 0086-0532-66001447 ( 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on working day)

Mobile: 0086-18561340060


Add: Taiping Industrial Park, Xiuhui Town, Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, China. 


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